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Imam Iftikhar al-Azhari
Thursday Feb 22

Imam Iftikhar al-Azhari

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Imam Iftikhar Daad al-AzhariImam Iftikhar Daad al-Azhari was born in Wakefield, Yorkshire, in 1982 into a very simple and humble family.

After completing his primary education in London, he went on to study in one of the leading Muslim secondary schools in Britain, Jamia Al-Karam. After successfully completing his GCSE's in 1999, he pursued his studies in the faculty of Higher Islamic Studies at Jamia Al-Karam, where he read Arabic Grammar, Fiqh, Tafsir, Hadith, and their sciences, Logic Tassawuff, Comparative Religion and other subjects.

After graduating from Jamia Al-Karam in 2002 he travelled to Cairo, Egypt, to one of the worlds most prestigious Islamic universities, The University of Al-Azhar. He enrolled into the faculty of Islamic Law and graduated in 2006 with a BA (Hons).

He currently is serving as head Imam in Hounslow Central Mosque, West London (UK).

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