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Imam Abd al-Rahman al-Azhari
Thursday Feb 22

Imam Abd al-Rahman al-Azhari

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Imam Muhammad Abd al-Rahman Khan al-AzhariImam Muhammad Abd al-Rahman Khan al-Azhari grew up in Nelson where he completed his initial studies in Qur’anic Arabic and Tajweed with Qari Muhammad Khan Qadri. He came to Jamia Al-Karam in 2000 at the age of 16 where he was honoured to study the Islamic Sciences under Shaykh Muhammad Imdad Hussain Pirzada, Mufti Fazl-e-Subhan Qadri and Dr Bashir Ahmad Siddiqui.

In 2006 Imam Abd al-Rahman graduated from the world renowned University of Azhar in Cairo, Egypt, with a BA (Hons) in Islamic Law. He subsequently enrolled for the Translation Studies Course at the American University of Cairo and studied from many erudite teachers at the zawiyah of Shaykh Muhammad Zaki Ibrahim. He also benefited immensely from the suhbah of the great scholar of Alexandria, Muhammad Abdul Baeth al-Hasani al-Kattani.

During his stay in Cairo he and his colleagues were blessed with ijazah in the Islamic Sciences from Shaykh al-Hadith Abdul Hakim Sharaf al-Qadri, Pakistan. He has also received ijazah from Shaykh Syed Salahuddin Tijani and Shaykh Ali Saleh and is honoured to have taken bay’ah with Shaykh Syed Naseeruddin Naseer of Golra Sharif.

Currently he serves the community of Milton Keynes at the Wolverton Mosque where he teaches Arabic and Islamic Studies.

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